Geminity Designs


From a summer project between friends to small agency, Geminity Designs is a branding strategy company that helps businesses achieve growth through creative, data-driven design strategies.

We have served clients ranging from small startups to known-brands like P&G, helping them take to create and take advantage of different branding, marketing, and development opportunities.

My Role

Co-Founder & Principal Consultant
Brand Strategy, Project Management, Subcontracting, Public Speaking, Resource Planning, Problem Solving

3 Co-Founders & 18 Subcontractors



Brand Strategy and Visual Identity System

Brand Strategy and Visual Identity System

Women's Conference
Brand Strategy, Visual Identity System, and Video

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity System, Marketing Campaign

Additional Works


We started Geminity Designs to mainly serve as a learning opportunity while helping local entrepreneurs take advantage of new technologies to grow their ventures.

As we brought on more clientele, our focus went from this primarily being a learning opportunity to a networking opportunity. Since a lot of the people we subcontracted were students and budding designers and developers, we leveraged our network to get them to work, while still producing high-quality work for our clientele.

This was successful, and we’ve even had past team members go on to work with companies like Adobe, Hyundai, UTC, TSA, and many more.

In profits shared with students, developers, and designers.

Successfully completed projects ranging from marketing campaigns to web apps.

Satisfied clients from various industries like consulting firms and tech startups.

Lessons Learned

Subcontracting and Talent Management
Initially, we had a small 2-person team, me and my best friend. However, as our clientele grew, we knew we couldn’t service them to the standard we set for the company and ourselves.

Sales and Revenue Planning
Learning how to starting and run an agency meant learning how to tackle every part of a business. This included managing sales and consequently, learning how to plan and grow revenue. For us, this encompassed planning our MRR to deciding which services would be most profitable based on available talent and target client budgets.

From doing this (and getting pretty good results), we were able to help our clients plan out these same components for their business, increasing the value we can provide.